Tennessee Ancient Sites Conservancy was founded in 2001 to protect and educate about prehistoric and Native American sites in Tennessee. In 2002 we became a 501(c)3 non-profit in order to raise funds to work on our specific objectives and purposes:

  • to educate the public (though classes, tours, articles, and events) about Tennessee’s early cultural history, with emphasis on Native American and prehistoric sites;
  • to raise funds to provide permanent educational metal markers at significant Native American sites in Tennessee;
  • to protect and physically care for important Native American sites in Tennessee;
  • to sponsor preservation efforts to protect and physically care for such important ancient historical sites, including acquiring property & conservation easements for site protection.

Original members

projects TASC has worked on …

  • current ~ cleaning Glass Mounds (Franklin) – since 2012
  • current ~ cleaning Chickamauga Mound (Chattanooga) – since 2010
  • 2014 ~ signage at Glass Mounds
  • 2006 ~ addition of 5 mounds & 310 acres to Pinson Mounds State Park (SE of Jackson)
  • 2004 ~ hosted visit to Mound Bottom (W of Nashville)
  • 2003 ~ hosted Joe Watkins, on indigenous archeology

board members & officers 2021-

  • treasurer · Mark Tolley
  • vice president · Edine Davis
  • president · tom kunesh
  • secretary · Rowland Huddleston
  • webmaster · Toye Heape
  • Vic Scoggins