tom’s visiting agenda

As the new president of TASC, am looking forward to re-visiting all the major ‘ancient sites’ in Tennessee & visiting for the first time a couple of the lesser known sites. My goal is to become better acquainted with our cultural heritage so we can come up with a plan to better recognize these sites and return them to a pristine condition. 
Here’s my 2022 itinerary ~ hope you’ll join me, or meet me there, or make some monthly visits on your own.  If i’m missing a good site, please let me know — tom <tasc(at)>.  Thanks.

1 ‘Sellars’ Farm Mound

Missippian mound at old Sellar’s farm

visited sat 29 jan 2022 – cleanup day sponsored by Friends of Long Hunter State Park. now that the trees have been removed, am looking forward to more repair of this site, both fysically & its description. 
• discuss repairing damage (1877 trench cut into it by white archeologist), • renaming native sites with native names,   • find age of big tree stump. 

(i think a better name for it is Tvpvsvnv Mound (


(tuh-puh-sha-nuh) = dragonfly) for the unique dragonflies found there on Spring Creek.)

2  ‘Pinson’ Mounds – south of Jackson

 visited sat 26 feb 2022 (3hour drive west)
cold day — checked out weathering of mounds since tree removal, interpretation of added acreage 180 acres & 7 mounds that president emeritus Mark Tolley worked so hard on getting added into the preservation area.  visited Twin Mounds & the 2nd Big Mound on the west side of the park — no trail to get there. 

‘Glass’ mounds  – west of Franklin
visited sat 26 mar 2022 with Larry Davis (1hour drive southwest, past Aaittafama) 
plan cleaning, tree removal, Mound 2 – accessibility, visibility — dirt pile is ½ gone, but still remains; construction debris dumped – needs removal; 2nd mound ¼ mile to the east  is at least 8 feet high but totally covered in privet & honeysuckle, making it invisible,  would make a good cleaning project.

4 Chickamauga mound – Chattanooga, off Amnicola Highway
finalize text & location of marker. tree removal.  repair looter damage to mound
visit sat 30 apr 2022

5 Aaittafama / Kellytown/Forest Hills
visit sat 21 may 2022

6 Browns Creek missing cemetery, Nashville
visit sat 18 jun 2022

7 Fewkes Mound, Brentwood
visit sat 30 jul 2022

8 Knoxville Mound, UTK
visit sat 27 aug 2022

9 Rutherford-Kizer Mound, Hendersonville 
visit sat 24 sep 2022

10 Mound Bottom, Kingston Spring
visit sat 22 oct 2022

11 “Indi**” Mound TN, 22 miles west of Clarksville
visit sat 19 nov 2022

12 Brick Church mound site, Nashville
visit sat 17 dec 2022

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